Tickets Are Available Now!

We’re excited to announce that free tickets for our immersive event (Sensory Supermarket) are available on Eventbrite now! We look forward to seeing you in Dagenham from the 19th-20th of August. There are just 10 slots currently available for each session, so book now to avoid disappointment.

On the 19th-20th of August we are taking over UCL’s PEARL building in Dagenham to explore what it could be like to be an autistic person in a supermarket in an immersive way. PEARL is a 6-minute walk from the closest tube station (Dagenham East), and you can find more information about the space including directions to get there on our page all about PEARL.

At the event will be sharing perspectives from autistic people as well as our research findings, including our principles of sensory environments as well as more information about locations that are more or less disabling. We hope our immersive event will inform business owners and organisations of how they can make locations more enabling and accessible for autistic people.

The sessions are a self-lead experience, meaning you can spend as much or as little time exploring the space as you would like within your 45-minute time slot.

Please note: Part of this event aims to create a heightened sensory experience of a supermarket based on quotes from autistic people. Multisensory stimuli such as loud noises and strong scents will be present throughout which some people may find more challenging.

There may be photography and/or video recording at the event. If you do not wish to be photographed/videoed, please let us know.

Update 01/09/2022 – This event has now ended. To learn more about the event, please visit our page on the The Sensory Supermarket (August 2022).


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