Our Immersive Event

In 2021 we used both social media and ran focus groups to learn more about public spaces that can be more difficult sensory environments for autistic people. We also learnt more about what can specifically make these spaces more or less accessible.

From the 14-16th of July we are holding an event at PEARL in Dagenham. At this event you came learn about what we have found in a creative and immersive way. Our aim is to bring together our findings from our focus groups and social media to create an event which explores autistic people’s sensory experiences and how these can make spaces either enabling or disabling. We are working with our collaborator Sensory Spectacle, who specialises in educating people about sensory processing through immersive learning.

As part of this event we will be sharing information that we have learnt, including our principles of sensory environments as well as more information about specific challenging locations people identified. We hope to be able to combine the immersive event with information about what business owners and organisations can do to make locations easier for autistic people to engage with.

Interested in learning more? Keep checking back on this page for more information as well as following us on social media for updates, subscribing to our blog or signing up to our mailing list. We are hoping to add more information soon, so stay tuned to learn more about what we have planned for July 2022!

Free tickets will be available soon

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