Working with Autistic Children

We want to hear what autistic children have to say about sensory processing in public places. We are hoping to work with a range of special schools in summer 2021 to collect children’s thoughts and experiences.

Do you know or work in a school that would be interested in being involved? Get in touch with us at or our social media pages and share with schools you know.

There are three ways that we will be learning about the views and perspectives of the autistic children we are working with:

Children’s Views

The children in the project will carry out the activities with their teachers/TAs/LSAs in school. For example, they may be asked to identify what sensory elements of a public place such as a restaurant that they like or dislike.

The worksheets and resources can be adapted to the needs and communication styles of individual children. We want to collect information from as wide a range of people as possible, and so the resources are designed to include children who do not use words. Staff may use pictures, signing, writing, speech, observation or a combination of approaches to deliver and collect the information. Depending on each child’s needs, they may do all the activities in one session or in up to 5 sessions.

Please read our information sheets to find out more:

Views of Teaching Staff (e.g. Teachers/ TAs/ LSAs)

If your school is involved in the project, we will ask you to identify appropriate children for the project and send information to their families about being involved. We will send you the resource packs to complete with the children in school and can link in with you to help adapt these for the children that you work with.

Once you have completed the activities with the children and sent us back their worksheets, we will invite you to give us some optional feedback about the sessions and any other thoughts you have about their sensory experiences. You may also take the children to public places as part of the school day such as part of a life skills class and we would be interested to learn more about what you observe when you go with them and if there is anything that appears to be helpful or more challenging. 

Please read our information sheets to find out more:

Views of Parents/Carers

If your child is involved in the project, we would be interested to find out what you think pubic places are like for your child because of their sensory processing difficulties. If you would be interested in being involved, we will send you a link to a short online questionnaire to find out your thoughts. If you are completing the questionnaire we ask you to find our your child’s ID number from school so that we can link your feedback to their worksheets.

Please read our information sheets to find out more:

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