Privacy notice for participating in feedback groups

Data protection
In the course of participating in a feedback group, you will be providing information (e.g., we will use your email address so that we can schedule the group and send you a voucher at the end). We (the University of Oxford) are the ‘data controller’ for this information, which means we decide how to use it and are responsible for looking after it in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and associated data protection legislation.

What is the purpose of the feedback groups?
The purpose of the group is to get feedback from autistic individuals about the Sensory Street project and to shape the future directions for the project.
The groups are being run by Dr Catherine Manning, Keren Maclennan and Catherine Woolley from the Sensory Street project team.

How we will use your data
We will use your email address so that we can schedule the group, send you a voucher at the end, and send you updates on the project if you have consented for us to do so. We will not record the focus group or collect direct quotes from you, but we will use the discussion from the focus group to inform how we present our results and to shape the next steps for the Sensory Street project. We will also update you with the progress of the Sensory Street project if you agree to this. We will only use your data for the purposes for which we collected it. We will delete any identifying information (your name and email address) either after your participation has ended, or after we have finished the project (if you agreed to be updated about the project).

Who will have access to your data
Access to your data will be provided to University of Oxford staff within the Sensory Street team.

Your data will be held securely in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures. Further information is available on the University’s Information Security website:
And in accordance with Jisc Online Survey Privacy notice:

If you wish to raise any queries or concerns about the use of your data, please contact Catherine Manning (Project lead, Sensory Street):
If you have any questions about the Sensory Street project, please contact:

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