Privacy notice for feedback survey

Data protection
In the course of completing this survey, you will be providing information or data. We (the University of Oxford) are the ‘data controller’ for this information, which means we decide how to use it and are responsible for looking after it in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and associated data protection legislation.

What is the purpose of this survey?
The purpose of this survey is to explore and evaluate volunteers’ experiences of participating in the Sensory Street focus groups or Sensory Street event. We are interested in finding out what went well, and what could be improved, so that we can evaluate the project and plan future events.
This evaluation is conducted by Dr Catherine Manning (Project Lead, Sensory Street, University of Oxford), in collaboration with the Sensory Street project team.

How we will use your data
We will use your data to gain a better understanding of the experiences of those who participated in the focus groups or event, in order to learn how to improve the focus groups for future sessions and evaluate the impact of the project. The data may be included in publicly available project reports and in reports to our funders. Please note, your responses are anonymous; we are not collecting any identifying information. We will only use your data for the purposes for which we collected it.
By ticking the confirmation box at the end of the evaluation survey, you will give us your consent to use your data as described above. As the data are anonymised, it will not be possible to withdraw your data after you have completed the survey.

Who will have access to your data
Access to the entire survey data will be provided to University of Oxford staff within the Sensory Street team and the University’s Public Engagement with Research team, as part of their work in carrying out the evaluation described above.

Your data will be held securely in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures. Further information is available on the University’s Information Security website:
And in accordance with Jisc Online Survey Privacy notice:

If you wish to raise any queries or concerns about the use of your data, please contact Catherine Manning (Project lead, Sensory Street):
If you have any questions about the Sensory Street project, please contact:

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