Sharing our Results

As part of our project we want to share the information we have learnt with as many people as possible in both academic and easy to read formats. This has included us creating a series of social media posts which break down our work into small sections as well as sharing our information online on our website. We are also working on a report for publication in an academic journal.

Want to learn where else we are sharing information about our project? See below for a list of any upcoming events that we have planned.

Upcoming/Current Events

19-20th August 2022Sensory Supermarket
PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory, UCL), Dagenham RM10 7FN

Our Sensory Supermarket event is on from the 19-20th of August at PEARL in Dagenham. This installation brings together our findings and explores how supermarkets can be disabling sensory environments and inspire businesses to learn how to make these spaces more enabling.
Free tickets are available now at:

11th -16th July – Autistica Research Festival

We are pleased to be presenting at the the UK’s leading autism research festival in July 2022. This event aims to bring together autism researchers, autistic people, family members and professionals to explore how we can make progress towards happy, healthy, long lives for all autistic people. Other topics at the research festival in 2022 include mental health, healthcare and employment. Find out more on their website

Past Events

1-31st March 2022 – CCQOL Reading
Urban Room, Broad Street Mall, Reading, RG1 7QE

As part of Community Consultation for Quality of Life (CCQOL) Reading, we have a poster at their pop-up Urban Room at the Broad Street Mall from the 1st to 31st of March. Through both an exhibition of posters and a series of interactive activities, local people can explore what the concept of quality of life means to them and the local community.

CCQOL is a research project which aims to develop a new way to consult with local communities about issues that affect them. As part of the event in Reading they are creating an interactive digital map of the city for people to pin places that matter to them and share how they feel about them.

Learn more at their website or on Instagram at @yourplaceourplace

22nd November 2021 – ‘The Future Is Sensory‘ (Sensory Integration Education Autumn Conference)

In November we presented about our project’s data and analysis so far as part of the Sensory Integrated Education Autumn Conference (2021). This conference aims to educate, inspire and celebrate information about sensory integration and sensory differences. This online conference attracted over4,7000 delegated worldwide.

8th October 2021 – Making sense of Autistic Sensory Differences: Science to Impact
Joint Lab Meeting, Universities of Durham and Reading (online)

During the course of this research project our project lead, Dr Cathy Manning has taken up a new post at the University of Reading. This joint lab meeting gave the chance for each university to share information about projects related to autism and sensory processing happening in each department. It gave researchers from each team the opportunity to ask questions and share advice and best practice from related past projects.

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