Tickets Are Available Now!

We’re excited to announce that free tickets for our immersive event (Sensory Supermarket) are available on Eventbrite now! We look forward to seeing you in Dagenham from the 19th-20th of August. There are just 10 slots currently available for each session, so book now to avoid disappointment. On the 19th-20th of August we are takingContinue reading “Tickets Are Available Now!”

Links between our Social Media Posts and Focus Groups

In our focus groups we found six themes that appear to influence how easily accessible public spaces such as supermarkets are for people with sensory processing difficulties. You can read more about each theme and how we used these to create our ‘sensory web’ on our page about principles of sensory environments. We also foundContinue reading “Links between our Social Media Posts and Focus Groups”

Our Event in August 2022

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our Sensory Street immersive event at PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory) in Dagenham. It is UCL’s first net zero carbon building and is a unique facility that explores the way people engage with their environment. In the past they have housed all sorts of different environmentsContinue reading “Our Event in August 2022”

Links between the Sensory Experiences of Autistic Children and Adults

Over 2021 we ran a series of focus groups to learn more about the sensory experiences of autistic people in public places such as supermarkets and more. Every autistic person is unique, and therefore factors which might make an environment easier for one person may not have the same effect on someone else.  However, fromContinue reading “Links between the Sensory Experiences of Autistic Children and Adults”


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About Us

We’re Sensory Street, a Research Project by the Universities of Oxford and Reading exploring how public spaces can be disabling sensory environments for autistic people with sensory processing differences and how these places can become more inclusive.

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