Autistica’s 2030 Goals

Autistica is one of the UK’s leading autism research-based charities. Based on priorities identified by autistic people they have identified six goals they want to achieve by 2030. Their goals aim to increase the quality of life for autistic people, enabling them to live healthier, happier and longer lives. Autistica aims to achieve these byContinue reading “Autistica’s 2030 Goals”

The Sensory Wheel

Thank you to those who attended our feedback group in September! It was really helpful to learn what you thought about our results, and your valuable insights have helped us to shape our findings and how we will present them. We are pleased to report that we have finished analysing our focus group data andContinue reading “The Sensory Wheel”

Focus Groups – Round 2

We have had a very productive couple of months since our last update. Following our first found of focus groups, we have been busy analysing the responses using an approach called content analysis. We used this approach to identify which public places people from the focus groups commonly identified as particularly challenging. There were severalContinue reading “Focus Groups – Round 2”


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We’re Sensory Street, a University of Oxford Research Project exploring the lives of autistic people with sensory processing disorder through creative and immersive experiences. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates about the project and subscribe to our blog to hear more in depth updates about how we are doing!

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