Accessibility Information

This event is held on the ground floor of the PEARL venue (additional toilets and a second quiet space are also available on the first floor). Disabled parking is available outside the venue. Step-free access is available throughout the building including wheelchair accessible toilets on the ground floor.

The Rise

You will enter PEARL through the entrance lobby which leads into the Rise. This space has a wall of windows which at times may make the space bright and reflective.

There is seating in the Rise space where you can sit before your time slot for the event or after your time slot has finished.

In the Rise there is a reception desk. Someone will be at this desk to answer any questions. There will also be volunteers available who can support you.

Within the Rise is a section called Bass. This is a designated quiet space for people as needed. You can access this if you would benefit from a break or are feeling overwhelmed in the supermarket experience.

There is also an additional quiet space on the first floor called the Nest. This space is accessible using the lift or stairs and is close to the first floor toilets.

  • Image of a copper and black building with the word PEARL and UCL on it. There is a set of four disabled car parking spaces one of which has a car parked in it
  • Copper coloured building with the word PEARL written on the side. In the centre is a glass door to access the space as well as an intercom buzzer
  • Glass door to the front of the PEARL building marked with the UCL logo
  • Bright room with wooden pannelling on the walls and several plants. A reception desk with the words 'welcome' above it are visible as are a set of glass doors leading to another room
  • Image of the Welcome Desk and the staircase to the first floor
  • two disabled toilets with yellow doors against white walls
  • Image of three toilets, two with green doors and one with a yellow door. An emergency exit surrounded by wood pannelling is also visible
  • Doorway leading to a carpeted room with wooden paneling and a chair. Sign next to the room reads 'nest'
  • Image of a green sofa in a warm toned room facing a large window on one side
  • image of a green door against a wall covered in wooden pannelling and a television screen. Next to the door are the words 'door A'

The Main Space

In the main space there will be chairs and tables where you can sit down as well as water available. In this area there will be information on a series of screens about the project as well as a series of information posters on the walls and quotes from our research project. You will be able to watch a video design from an architect showing what adaptations could be made to a supermarket to make it a more enabling space.

There will be volunteers who can answer some questions about the project as well as a minimum of two people from the research team. Becky and Catherine from the Sensory Street project will be available on the day to answer any questions that you have. Learn more about them on our page about the research team.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want in the main space during your 45-minute slot. After the 45 minutes are over, you will be asked to leave so we can prepare the room for the next group.

The Supermarket Experience

The supermarket experience is within our main space. This part of the event aims to create a heightened sensory experience of a supermarket based on quotes from autistic people. Multisensory stimuli such as unpredictable loud noises and strong scents will be present throughout which some people may find more challenging.

Depending on how many people are booked into each session, this space may become more crowded at times with other people. There should be no more than 15 people in the supermarket experience at any given time.

There will be an option for you to experience the sensory supermarket in a way that is more accessible once the initial demonstration is complete.

You do not have to enter the sensory supermarket space if you do not wish to.

I still have a question about accessibility

If you have a specific question about the event that you would like to learn more about, please contact us at or

Walkthrough of PEARL

Walkthrough of the PEARL space
(please note that this is a generic walkthrough and does not contain the Sensory Supermarket installation)

Other Resources/Information

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