What is Immersive Learning?

As part of our project we will be working with Sensory Spectacle and our other collaborators to create an immersive event where people can learn more about what public spaces can be like for someone with sensory processing difficulties.

What are Immersive Experiences?

Immersive learning is all about learning within a simulated or artificial environment. The aim is that the person involved is immersed in the experience in a way that feels like experiencing a real environment. It is becoming more popular with the technological advancements in online courses as well as virtual reality. The aim with our immersive event is to create an experience where you have to interact with the world in a new way.

Who are Sensory Spectacle?

‘I am adult currently on the pathway for ASD diagnosis. I wanted to see if this experience was anything like the things I experience. It was very realistic and I found the experience very overwhelming – sensory overload!’

The Sensory Classroom

Sensory Spectacle was founded in 2014 by Becky Lyddon. They create immersive experiences to educate and raise awareness of sensory processing disorder. They do this through workshops and installations which aim for people to experience first-hand how sensory processing difficulties may impact on a person’s experiences of the world around them.

In their immersive experiences the aim is create an environment that reflects descriptions of the world based on the experience of someone with sensory processing difficulties. For example, Lola’s World was a mirrored installation which reflected the room in a way in which some people with a hyper visual processing difficulty might be seeing their surroundings. See their website for more information on previous experiences that they have created.

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